Zapz Microwavable Custom Insoles
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Here’s what noted medical journalist Dr. Mehmet Oz wrote in the November 2008 “Ask Dr. Oz” Q & A session on medical issue in Esquire magazine:

Q. I’ve had lower back pain for years. Flares up when I run on concrete, like when I play tennis or basketball. Any athletic shoes or equipment that you can recommend to soften the impact.

A. You want orthotics. They work. I like Zapz.


Manufacturer of Footwear Insoles
and Fit Aid Products

  • The Instaprint BioGel Direct Molding System
  • CustomForm high-definition insoles
  • Zapz D-I-Y microwavable custom insoles
  • The Eliminator custom tongue
  • Booster power strap

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